About me

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I am interested in the way humans experience and interact with their surroundings, including other humans. I am interested in the human act of creation and its signifigance in society. I am interested in acting on my intrinsic urge to create.

I am interested in the relationship between computers and humans, and how computers can be used as a tool for communication. I am interested in the place of privacy while using computers to create and transmit data.

I am interested in approaching problems from a socially-conscious perspective.

I am interested in the reduction of monolithic control structures, both in the world of computers and of society.

I am specifically interested in the following things:

Contact information

If possible, please send any mail encrypted with my public key (see also its fingerprint). If you also have a public key, you should send it to me.

Dylan Grose (dkbg)
Public key
dkbg-pgp.asc (fingerprint: DF05 D736 F175 8F82 6DBF 7FB0 3B1F AB95 B9D8 5990)